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what is Organic Agriculture?

The term “organic farming” refers to a set of cultivation and farming techniques
that only allow the use of natural substances.

Therefore the use of chemical and synthetic substances
such as fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides or genetically modified organisms is excluded.

Practicing organic farming means developing a production model
that also avoids the excessive exploitation of soil, water and air.

The principles of organic farming require that the farm respects the natural balance,
maintains the fertility of the soil with organic fertilizers and crop rotation
and does not apply invasive soil processing.

Organic Kiwi

The organic kiwis produced by Demetrio Parlapiano are grown in their natural habitat
only with organic and mineral fertilizers, so they do not require further treatments.

They possess a high content of polyphenols and are subjected to strict controls.

The agricultural production method of the organic kiwi Demetrio Parlapiano is based on rules
and principles aimed at protecting biodiversity, sustainability and genuineness.

All production has 100% organic certification.