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packaging Make Us Different

Many times the package becomes a tool for communication, visibility and even corporate identity.

Aspects of visual attraction can be given with the colors, images and texts.

Packaging is also an emotional factor,
almost to make perceive taste of the product you are going to buy.

Packaging is therefore fundamental for the choice of purchase,
but it is also a valid contribution for the information about origins,
 uses and quality certifications.

The packaging of Demetrio Parlapiano is stackable and palletizable,
particularly suitable for handling and storage processes.

Europallet dimensions

It is resistant, it depends on an optimal conservation of the product to be used also for refrigeration.

The packaging is printed with attractive colors and images for the customers attention in store.

The cardboard for packaging is a standard size, 100% recyclable and produced from renewable sources.

All organic and biodynamic kiwi production is packaged in full respect of environmental sustainability.